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Take Two Pills

An editorial about research using psilocybin and ecstasy to treat anxiety and other disorders. Image: ©Shutterstock

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“Doctor, will you prescribe medical marijuana for my mother? I think it might help her agitation better than the medication you gave her last visit.”

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But what if the patient was lying? It's hard to go to sleep at night and not wonder, “. . . what if I'm wrong?”

A quiz on significant changes in DSM-5 nomenclature as they relate to sexual disorders.

Here's a review of a book about involuntary psychiatric commitment-- a major source of controversy when the public tries to understand who psychiatrists are and what we do.


Functional vs structural; melancholic vs non-melancholic; and heirarchy of treatment are the focus.


It's not about the specifics of preliminary studies about psilocybin. It's about the validation of research using psychedelic drugs in modern psychiatry.

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