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Richard M. Berlin, MD

Richard M. Berlin, MD

Richard M. Berlin, MD, is Senior Affiliate in Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. His second collection of poems, Secret Wounds, which won the 2010 John Ciardi Poetry Prize, is published by BkMk Press. Email: Richard.Berlin@gmail.com.

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At three breaths before death a blue latex hand pulls out a trach tube, a blade skims over the zipped up hole, and droplets of blood are sucked into skin...

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We teach every intern how to find the place where they can lay down a silver stethoscope and listen to everything...

After your exams, after your diploma, after all the nights on call, missed dinners and diagnoses, after your apologies...

Bolted to the bedroom loft, twenty feet high with lacquered sides and honey colored risers polished with pine-scented wax—these are the rungs I climb to the feather bed, candle, and bottle of red wine...

Sleepless in New Haven, I read this hotel room’s only other book. Power-suited lawyers on the back cover advertise to sue for antidepressant suicides if families will call 1-800-BAD-MEDS...

He wrote that he didn’t know what to say to comfort us, so he decided to describe the view from his rented room near Sydney...

Here we present an excerpt from a screenplay to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps.

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Half price T-shirts and ice cream cones, no more tomatoes or New York Times, people out patching the roof, putting up storms, the last guests gone tomorrow.

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I’m happy to be off the trail, out of the wind and salt spray, safe from the fog’s cold claw...


Dead into a wall of wind, they cliff jump with parabolic wings curled over pilots cradled in goose down and canvas.


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