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Special Reports

Psychiatric Queries and Quarrels

Part 2 of the Special Report on controversies in psychiatry. Image ©KirillSavenko/Shutterstock.com

Special Reports

© Kirill Savenko/shutterstock.com

An overview of the DSM diagnostic system, the medicalization of normal variants of human behavior, and physician-assisted suicide.

Difference between classic and retrograde neurotransmission

Here's why psychiatrists and other mental health professionals need to understand the relationship between cannabis and mental disorders.


This article speaks to the care with which ADHD must be diagnosed and managed to reduce the significant negative impact of the disorder on the individual, family, and society.


Physician-assisted suicide is now legal in several states. But none of the state statues mandates a mental health evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist before the writing of a lethal prescription by an attending physician.

Strong evidence supports sound arguments on each side of 3 debates covered here—so get in there and fight nice.

©Kirill Savenko/shutterstock.com

This special report on controversies in psychiatry examines the pros and cons of assisted outpatient treatment and also antidepressant use in pregnancy.

Image Point fr / shutterstock.com

Here: common misconceptions about assisted outpatient treatment--and how this tool can help selected mentally ill patients who are most difficult to treat.


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