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Comorbidity In Psychiatry

Apps, Efficacy, Adherence—and MDD

The latest news on the treatment of depression covers patient self-management apps, antidepressant efficacy in older adults, and strategies to improve adherence. ©Lightspring/ Shutterstock

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Comorbidity In Psychiatry

Image credit: Tashaturango

Psychiatrists may be able to contribute to the care of patients with DM by understanding this problem and its proper treatment. Here's a quiz to test your knowledge.


This article reviews current literature on insomnia and alcohol use disorders and highlights assessment and treatment of sleep disorders in patients with comorbid alcohol abuse.

Which came first? Epilepsy or depression? The author sheds light on a complex relationship.

Clinicians need to consider and manage multiple medical and cognitive comorbidities when working with the elderly population. This slideshow provides an overview of key points relevant to geriatric bipolar disorder as it relates to comorbidity.


Helping patients who have significant medical illness as well as mental illness is a challenge, especially when the diagnosis is unclear. Hospital psychiatrists play a critical role in the management of these behaviorally compromised patients.

The clinical presentation and functional impacts of ADHD in adults vary greatly from their child and adolescent counterparts.


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