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Lowering blood pressure may prevent cognitive decline. ©Shutterstock.

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Smart Moves to Prevent Dementia



Helping patients who have significant medical illness as well as mental illness is a challenge, especially when the diagnosis is unclear. Hospital psychiatrists play a critical role in the management of these behaviorally compromised patients.

The caffeine in your morning cup of java could pack a neuroprotective punch.


“Doctor, will you prescribe medical marijuana for my mother? I think it might help her agitation better than the medication you gave her last visit.”

Older adults seem willing to take a hypothetical predictive test—and plan accordingly.


Here's a case that illustrates the potential for alprazolam to create a dementia-like appearance—not to mention a premature aging of the patient.

Here: a look at several natural products used to improve cognitive impairment or cognitive symptoms of dementia.

When agitation and psychosis symptoms are severe, is an antipsychotic medication an option? Not always.


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