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Internet Addiction

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Internet Addiction

"Internet Addiction" may soon spread like wildfire. All the elements favoring fad generation are in place . . . the profusion of alarming books; the breathless articles in magazines and newspapers; extensive TV exposure; ubiquitous blogs; the springing up of unproven treatment programs; the availability of millions of potential patients; and an exuberant trumpeting by newly minted "thought leading" researchers and clinicians. So far, DSM-5 has provided the only restraint.

Although it may be tempting to say that almost any rewarding activity can become addicting, new research appears to indicate that, at least in the case of Internet use, that may not be the case. In fact, "Internet addiction" may actually be a sign for other psychiatric disorders.

In 1995, I noticed that I was spending more and more time playing solitaire on my computer. I was trying to learn a new computer program and was very frustrated by it.

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