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Psychiatric Times Vol 34 No 4: April 2017

At Psychiatric Times, it has long been our goal to publish cutting-edge information from the frontiers of psychiatry. In this this spirit, we welcome Dr. Thomas G. Schulze, one of the world’s leading experts on psychiatric genetics to our Editorial Board.

Here: a review of the scientific evidence relevant to the use of classic hallucinogens in the treatment of substance use disorders.


Apparently therapists can fake their own online reviews these days. So much for the ethical ethicist.


Introduce yourself, shake hands, sit down. Always sit down. Then ask for permission...

Child Adolescent Psychiatry

Child Adolescent Psychiatry


Access to illicit drugs is now as easy as a few swipes on a smartphone. Here's a primer for clinicians who aren't well acquainted with this trend and who aren’t familiar with the many substances themselves.


Marijuana-related problems fall well within the scope of psychiatric practice: many patients use marijuana, which is likely to affect their psychiatric symptoms and response to treatment.


Bipolar Disorder

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Functional remediation therapy addresses the cognitive problems of the nearly 50% of patients who remain impaired even when euthymic.

Bipolar Disorder

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