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Psychiatric Times Vol 33 No 9: September 2016

When was the last time in the midst of a presidential campaign that psychiatric diagnostic criteria were being discussed so widely?

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Half price T-shirts and ice cream cones, no more tomatoes or New York Times, people out patching the roof, putting up storms, the last guests gone tomorrow.


An important questions for clinicians is whether treatment of a psychiatric disorder will enhance or diminish creativity.

Bipolar Disorder

Here's a deep dive into possible mechanisms by which viruses may contribute to mental illness.

Bipolar Disorder

Cultural Psychiatry


Patients want to know what to expect with a given treatment, how their experiences compare with those of others, or whether they are alone in coping with their conditions. Who best to answer these questions than others like them?

Cultural Psychiatry

"Adopting technology for myself is one thing. It’s something completely different when technology is available for my patients and I’m not using it."

Cultural Psychiatry

Here: a brief review of the literature on postvention efforts; the effects on the victim’s caregivers; and a guide to resources to help manage survivors’ and caregivers’ emotions and dread.

Cultural Psychiatry

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