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Psychiatric Times Vol 34 No 7: July 2017

Comorbidity In Psychiatry

Ryan M. Bottary

While patients with restless legs syndrome may be successfully treated with a number of medications, comorbid psychiatric conditions present a unique challenge because many commonly prescribed psychiatric medications may worsen RLS symptoms.

Comorbidity In Psychiatry


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Numerous lines of evidence suggest a correlation between cannabis consumption and a variety of psychiatric conditions, including cannabis-induced psychosis.

Dr. Brian Miller

Brian Miller joins the Editorial Board of Psychiatric Times.

Michelle Riba, MD, MS

We psychiatrists can't solve the world's political problems, but we can help those who are affected by them. Suggestions here.

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Interaction between the brain and behavior implies that comprehensive progress cannot be made to relieve the suffering of patients without systematically addressing the brain basis of such conditions.

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Have you considered using pharmacogenomic testing in your practice?


Her mention of gardens got me to thinking, not just about fragrant flowers but also about “symptom substitution,” an old-time favorite of behavioral psychologists. Which activities most resemble hair-pulling? Weeding, for one.


Here: a plethora of treatment options, including mood-lifting stabilizers, non-antidepressants, psychotherapy, and lifestyle interventions.


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