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Psychiatric Times Vol 34 No 11: November 2017

Our time was Thursday, 5 o’clock, my psychiatrist’s door always opened wide, him wearing a wool sweater, sipping tea, lights dimmed to an endless twilight...

The author explores the significant pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic heterogeneity of current antidepressants and reviews the many potential drug targets that exist—with a focus on the serotonin system.

Bipolar Disorder

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How to decrease recidivism for individuals with serious mental illnesses who are released from jails or prisons or discharged from hospitals? Here are several effective mechanisms.

Bipolar Disorder

Cultural Psychiatry


We can encourage more responsible media coverage of mass shootings in an effort to cut down on “copy-cat” killings. Here are 4 guidelines.

Cultural Psychiatry


These 3 steps can help you ensure that shared decision making is actually taking place.


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