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Panic Attacks

Anxiety Disorders in Pregnancy

Here: common presentations of anxiety in pregnant women and considerations for both CBT and drug treatment.

Panic Attacks


How to help the one-third of patients with panic disorder who have chronic, persistent symptoms?

DSM-5 must emphasize that physical symptoms deserve the respect of a thorough work-up before assuming their cause is psychiatric. And people with defined medical illnesses should not be casually mislabeled as also mentally ill just because they are upset about being sick.

According to the CDC's latest published report, there were 38,364 suicides in the US in 2010—an average of 105 each day. Globally, an estimated 1 million suicides occur annually.

The goal of this article is to improve recognition of comorbid psychiatric and movement disorders and to help the reader formulate a management strategy using a multidisciplinary approach.

Panic attacks are nearly always pathological and disordered states, even when they occur in an understandable context.

This tale involves a “clever” inmate. He enjoyed the respectable rung of bank robber, but found he had suddenly descended to approximately the level of a sex offender. The reason for his slippage was the inmate code, which demands allegiance to other inmates under virtually all circumstances. “Ratting out” a fellow inmate may cost one his life, or at the very least, result in a decidedly anxious, paranoid existence.

After scoring high on the Panic Disorder Severity Scale, this patient sought panic-focused psychodynamic therapy.


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