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Addiction and mental health treatment has fallen increasingly into the justice system for underserved and indigent patients. How do we bring state-of-the art treatment to this population in desperate need?

What is behind the glaring lack of controls over prescription drug costs, even for everyday medications?

When switching to this long-acting injectable antipsychotic, how long should an oral pre-switch antipsychotic be continued? Find out in this quiz.

Intended for short-term use, this treatment is associated with specific diagnostic and symptom characteristics, with anhedonia being a stand-out.

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This article reviews a wide array of medicolegal, risk management, regulatory, and forensic mental health issues in the older population, which is growing at an accelerated rate.

Food taken with which atypical antipsychotics discussed here may increase absorption?

Treatment with a selective estrogen receptor modulator in adjunct to antipsychotics was associated with improvements in attention and memory in men and women with schizophrenia in a recent trial.


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