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Psycho vs Somatic

Recent studies illustrate the importance of homing in on the somatic symptoms of depression.
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What does mandated electronic prescribing have to do with that old show, Twilight Zone?


The assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions in which persistent pain is a feature despite lack of evidence of a pathological cause are reviewed in this article.

A brief overview of the many trials that have asked this weighty question.

Three new studies help predict which patients with depression may not respond to pharmacotherapy and which women may become depressed during menopause.

Brain areas affected by methamphetamine neurotoxicity

Here: devastating short- and long-term behavioral and physiological effects of methamphetamine neurotoxicity and the implications for treatment.

A recent meta-analysis shows this adjunctive agent reduces residual symptoms of psychopathology as well as body weight.

Rising costs and changing treatment trends have sparked concerns about quality of care.


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