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The Right Combination

Which psychotropic combinations unlock the door to successful treatment? ©Sheff/ Shutterstock

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New evidence bolsters the reputation of clozapine as the “gold-standard” antipsychotic for patients with treatment-resistant schizophrenia.

What factors come into play in the diagnosis of tardive dyskinesia? How is TD distinguished from other movement disorders? Find out more in this quiz.

© Lightspring/shutterstock.com

This article focuses on appropriate versus inappropriate use of antipsychotics, the importance of careful assessment, and the consequences of not treating.

Schizophrenia and T2 DM risk; short-term weight gain with specific antipsychotics; interventions to reduce weight and/or metabolic abnormalities. . .answers here.

Six fundamental assumptions underlie the medical model most psychiatrists use in their clinical work.

New findings support the involvement of microbiota alterations in psychosis—and point to novel treatments.

Which psychotropic combinations unlock the door to successful treatment?


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