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Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Update on Borderline Personality Disorder

A discussion on whether personality disorders can be understood as one dimensional continuum or as overlapping diagnostic categories. ©WaveBreakMedia/Shutterstock

Schizotypal Personality Disorder

A large and comprehensive study recently performed in Korea has produced a surprising and disturbing result. The rate of autism is reported to be an astounding 1 in 38...

Much resistance to disorder status for the psychosis-risk syndrome stems from the fact that only a minority of those given the diagnosis really have the disorder.

The proposal for a "Psychosis Risk Syndrome" aims to solve a pressing problem in psychiatry-- the need for early identification and preventive treatment.

Because of recent scandals, pedophilia is one of the few psychiatric disorders widely known to the general public.

Treatment resistance occurs in a variety of psychiatric disorders and presents an ongoing challenge as we attempt to optimize treatments for our patients.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a heterogeneous disorder with a variety of phenotypic expressions. Delineation of clinically distinct subtypes of the disorder may be valuable in predicting treatment response and resistance.


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