Special Reports

Special Reports

The past decade has been an exciting one for the field of psychosomatic medicine. It has been recognized as a specialty and now has a certification examination. In this Special Report, we discuss some of the approaches that are being taken to special populations within the psychosomatic medicine community.

This article provides a practical framework that can guide consultation-liaison psychiatrists through solving problems of capacity and informed consent.

Although the somatizing disorders cover a vast array of symptomatic domains across many medical specialties, this article addresses the broad topic conceptually.

The need to integrate psychiatric treatment with somatic care puts psychosomatic medicine in a unique position to focus on older patients who would not otherwise seek specialized treatment.

For severly ill patients, understanding the neurobiological underpinning of assertive coping provides an additional map for rapid assessment, formulation, and intervention to bolster assertive coping. It does not replace but complements other psychotherapeutic tools that can be implemented in brief encounters.

An overview of select topics in clinical psycho-oncology, including assessment and management of delirium and brain lesions, mood and anxiety disorders, medication adverse effects, and existential death anxiety.

The role of transplant psychiatrists is to assess both transplant and donor candidates to determine capacity to consent to the surgery, recent stressors and coping skills, social supports and availability of caregivers, and whether there are psychological or substance abuse issues that would affect outcomes.


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