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Stroll Along Memory Lane

Can cardiovascular fitness help older adults ward off dementia?  Image ©Shutterstock.

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Geriatric Psychiatry Research Update: March 2017


Insights from 3 recent studies on the benefits of mental stimulation for mild cognitive impairment, effect of brain stimulation on memory, and risk of dementia in men with sleep apnea.

Can cardiovascular fitness help older adults ward off dementia?


New research shows it’s not “all in your head”—it’s also in your gut.

Highlights of 3 recent studies that focus on psychiatric disorders in older adults.

The goal of clinically relevant detection of neuropathological hallmarks may be in sight.

The co-occurrence of depression and cognitive impairment doubles every 5 years after the age of 70. Here we present a list of elements in a comprehensive and extended evaluation of depression in the elderly.


“Doctor, will you prescribe medical marijuana for my mother? I think it might help her agitation better than the medication you gave her last visit.”


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