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This year, we presented new and distinct reports that covered a range of clinical challenges in the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

What do you have to say about the Presidential election? Here are the latest offerings from your colleagues about this historic election.

"Everyday experiences made sacramental through magical language, depth of feeling, and wells of knowledge"–one of your peers used this description for a book he found inspiring. Can you think of more?

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What are the diagnostic distinctions between schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders? Answer this and related questions in this quiz.


When should ECT be first-line treatment? What’s the minimum duration of antidepressant therapy? Answer these questions and more.

Salient points regarding intimate partner violence.

After leaving active duty, when are veterans at greatest for suicide?

Do you know the indications for an EEG in a child with ADHD? Or which psychotherapy approaches for ADHD demonstrate evidence-based effectiveness? Answer these questions and more.

We invite you to join our Early Career Advisory Board and share your insights about psychiatry, your interests, ideas, and goals.

We are seeking your real-life story that can move, teach, and inspire other psychiatrists.


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