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Barbara Young, MD

Barbara Young, MD

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Dr John C. Whitehorn shaped mental health policy at the national level, and his influence is still alive in his former residents and the young psychiatrists we have trained.

Mr V had appeared at our appointment in a panic, after an episode of premature ventricular contractions and a terrifying nightmare. In the dream, he was threatened by a blue, masklike face with white circles for eyes and 2 slits for a nose.

One day in 1946 while I was making neurology rounds, a crumpled piece of humanity was wheeled into the ward. When "Ora" came to the hospital for her annual epilepsy checkup, she had not been able to walk for more than a year.

As I approach retirement, I have been looking back over the patients I have seen. Although I was trained as a psychoanalyst, most of the therapeutic procedures I have engaged in have, of necessity, been adaptations of my analytic skills in order to meet the needs of particular patients.

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