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Dee Rapposelli

Dee Rapposelli

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What underlies the higher prevalence of Alzheimer disease among older African Americans?

A look at sex differences in the neuropsychological deficits of Alzheimer disease.

Recommendations from an international panel of experts on the management of MDD.

Here: an alternative to the trial-and-error method that can boost treatment response rates.

Blood-based vibrational spectroscopy shows promise as a screening tool for dementia.

A look at the impact of shift work and long hours on cognitive function.

Recent findings challenge the notion that these agents can provide sustained protection against cognitive decline.

Alzheimer disease—or dementia with Lewy bodies? Recently revised consensus criteria can help you solve this diagnostic dilemma.

Although high blood pressure may put patients at risk for dementia, a class of antihypertensives appears to have a preventive effect.

The genetics of dementia, dyslipidemia, and diabetes may hold the key to preventive therapy.


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