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Natalie Timoshin

Natalie Timoshin

Natalie Timoshin is Executive Editor of Psychiatric Times. Email her here.



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An update on emerging trends in psychosomatic medicine to help clinicians address mental health stressors in psychiatric and medical settings.

Here is a year's worth of CMEs you can take right now.


An important questions for clinicians is whether treatment of a psychiatric disorder will enhance or diminish creativity.

Check out what's new in schizophrenia research, personality disorders, patient education, integrative psychiatry, addiction, and more.

The Prinzhorn collection laid the groundwork for psychiatric art and inspired many modern artists.

Stories covered in the January issue included gun violence, physician burnout and depression, mental health/HIV, young adult psychiatry, women's issues, and other topics of interest to clinicians.

Here is a year's worth of free CMEs you can take right now.

We invite you to reflect on your diagnostic understanding of topics presented this year.

This issue of Psychiatric Times covered government fraud, emergency psychiatry, PTSD in practicing psychiatrists, college mental health, and other critical issues.

In this issue of Psychiatric Times, the authors cover climate change, women's health issues, forensic psychiatry, addiction and AIDS, cultural psychiatry, and other clinically useful topics.


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