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Bipolar Disorder

Low-Dose Lithium

New research shows the benefits of low-dose lithium–even in the water supply. ©D13/Shutterstock

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Bipolar Disorder

Here's a deep dive into possible mechanisms by which viruses may contribute to mental illness.

Useful information about mood disorders in 3 key areas—bipolar disorder, comorbid ADHD and depression, and suicide risk.

New research shows the benefits of low-dose lithium—even in the water supply.

Bravely enter territory that academia has largely neglected—the nebulous region between full bipolar disorder and major depression.

© pathdoc/shutterstock.com

Some of the most common challenges include the diagnosis of a mood disorder, especially a bipolar disorder, and the assessment and management of comorbidities and suicidalities in patients with a mood disorder. Here's an overview.

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There is no substitute for understanding one’s patient as an individual, and treating accordingly, keeping in mind the possibility that not all psychosis is schizophrenia and that moodiness may or may not indicate a place in the bipolar spectrum.


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