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Bipolar Disorder

Mitochondrial Clues to Bipolar Disorder

Mitochondrial size matters. ©Luxorphoto/Shutterstock

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What’s New in Bipolar Depression?

Bipolar Disorder

One of the many facets of bipolar disorder is an energy problem—including at the neuronal level.

Here: a plethora of treatment options, including mood-lifting stabilizers, non-antidepressants, psychotherapy, and lifestyle interventions.

People with mood disorders (and those who care about them) are likely to experience a healing reconsideration of their own experiences as they read this book.

Which medical condition—characterized by the rapid onset of delirium, mania, and psychosis—is linked with bipolar disorder? Take the 5-question quiz and learn more.

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Functional remediation therapy addresses the cognitive problems of the nearly 50% of patients who remain impaired even when euthymic.

What is the possibility that the very illness we’re trying to improve is getting worse—with treatment?

In recent years, violence has unfortunately become the tragic touchstone that too often draws the public’s attention to mental illness.


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