Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder and Pregnancy

What is the one key question to ask your female patients of reproductive age?

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Bipolar Disorder

Must clinicians presume that all their female patients of reproductive age are potentially going to become pregnant? And if so, what treatment option should be offered?

A beautifully detailed algorithm for treatment options in bipolar disorder is described.

An instructive case that ties in to an APA presentation on "Treatment and Research of Treatment-Resistant Depression and Bipolar Disorder."

In order for older patients to derive greater enjoyment from their later years, clinicians must take special care during evaluation, treatment, and follow up when working with this growing population.

Researchers find evidence linking mitochondrial dysfunction to bipolar disorder, and suggest this as an appropriate target for new therapies.

Keeping up with the research on bipolar disorder, including findings from studies on cognition, neurogeneration, positive and negative emotion regulation, and weight gain.

A University of Pittsburgh team led by Dr Mary Phillips has contributed tremendously toward a lab test that would differentiate unipolar depression from bipolar depression.


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