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Cognitive Disorders

Geriatric and Forensic Psychiatry

Addressing medicolegal, risk management, regulatory, and forensic mental health issues in the older population. Image ©Lightspring/Shutterstock.

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Cognitive Disorders

Depression can be accompanied by cognitive symptoms, but the nature of the relationship between these symptom categories is multifaceted.

Ethics case quiz: A patient's inconsistent decisions regarding treatment are cause for concern. What to do?

How radically do we want to alter the physician’s traditional ethical obligations to the most vulnerable of patients?

child psychiatry - Lienhard.Illustrator/Shutterstock

While most clinicians know about Huntington disease, they may not be aware of its devastating effect in cognition and behavior during onset in childhood and adolescence.

A focus on the differential of CNS disorders that present with neuropsychiatric symptoms, their presentations, and guidelines for treatment.


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