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Trauma And Violence

Compromised Confidentiality in the Military Is Harmful

A patient seeks mental health treatment. The boss reads his file. This happens in the military.

Trauma And Violence


Psychiatrists should not be afraid to assess parenting issues and other stressors when treating depressed or psychotic parents of young children.

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Here's a brief history of sleepwalking, associated factors, and pathology; sleep-related violence and forensic considerations; and management strategies.

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Early-onset, long-term, and repeated exposure to interpersonal violence that leads to PTSD can affect the parent and, the parent-child relationship. Here: a look at what neuroimaging studies reveal, methylation patterns of the NR3C1 gene, and new methods to address disturbances in the parent-child relationship.

The story is decades old, but it reverberates today -- incidents of police brutality and excessive force, sometimes lethal. Here's a psychiatrist's story of serving on a citizen's review committee in Houston back in the day.

The authors explore possible reasons why young people in the West leave their families, friends, and home culture to join terrorist organizations.

The authors summarize findings from the first study to compare suicide risk for veterans who do and those who do not use VA services.

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Radicalization by Norwegian converts to the Prophet’s Ummah produced massive and terrible social consequences. The explanations offered may be pertinent to the current attraction that ISIS offers for too many young persons in many countries of the civilized world.


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