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Anton Porsteinsson, MD, discusses some specifics for fine-tuning the care of patients with Alzheimer disease. Here: optimizing physical health and mental stimulation and promoting a brain-healthy diet and aerobic exercise.

Can stimulants increase function in people with early stage Alzheimer disease? Here, Anton Porsteinsson, MD, discusses the pros and cons.

In this video, Anton Porsteinsson, MD, discusses some of the causative factors of Alzheimer disease: genetics, environment, personality. He goes on to explain that although there are clear determinants for AD, there are preventive actions that can be taken to delay the onset of disability.

Neuroimaging… is it still a research tool in psychiatry, or is it ready for prime time? In this video, Jair Soares, MD, of the University of Texas at Houston, touches on the main brain imaging techniques and their possible uses in mental health practice.

Aggressive behavior is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation with a mental health professional in community-based settings. Dr Hendren presents a neurodevelopmental model for the assessment and treatment of aggression in youths.

Many health care professionals do not know how standards of care and medical malpractice are determined. This lack of knowledge can result in either inadequate communication or defensive medical treatment. Dr Rodgers reviews malpractice standards and addresses issues regarding technologies such as email, social networking, and cyber-treatment.

The goal of treating the whole patient, ie, integrating the mind-body connection into mental health care inititiatives, is to provide health care professionals with tactics to effectively identify interdependent conditions of the mind and body that impair psychiatric well-being, as well as strategies for successful treatment and management options in the clinical setting to improve patient care, outcomes, and overall wellness.


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