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"Everyday experiences made sacramental through magical language..." What books inspired you over the summer? ©QuangHo/Shutterstock

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Here we present an excerpt from a screenplay to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps.

A recent meta-analysis shows this adjunctive agent reduces residual symptoms of psychopathology as well as body weight.


Psychiatrists play a significant role in the evaluation and care of organ transplant candidates and living organ donors—before and after transplant.

Are you aware of this newly identified risk factor for suicide?

The supposed “epidemic” of mental illness turns out to be mostly a myth in the US adult population, 2000-2015.

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Suggestions for what psychiatry can do to alleviate, contain, and eventually prevent or avoid the demolition of culture and health.

The public has questioned the wisdom of a judge to release a psychiatric inpatient, but not just any patient. Enter our metaphoric haunted house at your own risk.

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