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Maybe the “Occupy Wall Street” movement suggests a different kind of protest for this year’s APA meeting. What about “Occupy Medicine” for us psychiatrists?

Colonel David M. Benedek, MD—a psychiatrist—takes a brief look at the emotional fallout of war in veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and points you to the "The Clinical Manual for Management of PTSD."

Might your patient be feigning mental illness? Forensic psychiatrist Phillip Resnick, MD offers insights.

How can we combine neuroscience and psychotherapy to best serve patients with psychiatric disorders?

Nada Stotland, MD, MPH briefly considers the psychological effects of abortion.

To identify what psychiatrists and other physicians may need to know about recent studies in internal medicine, Monique Yohanan, MD, MPH, a physician editor at Epocrates, Inc, reviewed several articles published during the last year that she considers newsworthy and most likely to influence clinical practice.

Patients with anxiety disorders who self-medicate with alcohol or drugs may be increasing their risk for developing incident substance use disorders, according to a study presented at the American Psychiatric Association’s recent annual meeting.


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