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Barbara Schildkrout, MD

Barbara Schildkrout, MD

Dr Schildkrout is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Part-time, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. She is the author of two books: Unmasking Psychological Symptoms: How Therapists Can Learn to Recognize the Psychological Presentation of Medical Disorders and Masquerading Symptoms: Uncovering Physical Illnesses That Present as Psychological Problems. Her Web site is www.bschildkrout.com.

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Here: what psychiatrists need to know about frontotemporal dementia. Case examples convey the variety of possible psychiatric presentations of behavioral variant FTD.


Why learn neuroanatomy? The goal for the physician is to be excitedly engaged in an ongoing process of expanding his or her knowledge about the brain and human behavior.


How do meaning, memory, emotions and, especially, human suffering arise from the brain?

ARTEMENKO VALENTYN/shutterstock.com

After a brief description of the scope of an important IOM report, this article summarizes content that is especially relevant for psychiatrists.

complex neural basis for behaviors such as mentalization

We are a long way from understanding the complex neural basis for behaviors such as mentalization. But, we can mentally imagine the scientific pursuit of questions, one after another, that might get us to that goal.

Your patient is recovering from a traumatic brain injury. He asks you, “Doc, why do I need so much extra sleep?”

A case report of an acute, transient, reversible depression prompts us to think in a different way about depression.

Statutes in 8 states are not designed to assure informed decision-making, say these psychiatrists; instead they represent an unprecedented effort by the government to use physician communications as an instrument for discouraging pregnant women from exercising their constitutional right to make their own reproductive choices.

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