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Chris Aiken, MD

Chris Aiken, MD

Dr. Aiken is the Director of the Mood Treatment Center and Instructor in Clinical Psychiatry at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He does not accept honoraria from pharmaceutical companies but receives honoraria from W.W. Norton & Co. for Bipolar, Not So Much, which he coauthored with Jim Phelps, MD.


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Six patient types to watch for.

A novel protocol lights the way for a promising treatment for bipolar depression.

Although supported by basic science, it’s still a sea change to think that diet can treat depression. A new clinical trial puts that idea to the test.

Most of the adverse effects of lithium are manageable—and a little knowledge goes a long way.

Not just a nuisance, no-shows are an opportunity to turn things around for patients with bipolar disorder, whose treatment adherence hovers around 60%.

Here: a plethora of treatment options, including mood-lifting stabilizers, non-antidepressants, psychotherapy, and lifestyle interventions.

This treatment is so implausible that scientists first used it as a placebo—before discovering it actually worked.

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Functional remediation therapy addresses the cognitive problems of the nearly 50% of patients who remain impaired even when euthymic.

A rare glimpse into the bipolar life, where behavioral markers often come in 3’s.

For up to 60% of patients with bipolar disorder, simply treating their mood symptoms is not enough to help them return to a full life.

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