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Elinore F. Mccance-Katz, MD, PhD

Elinore F. Mccance-Katz, MD, PhD

Dr McCance-Katz was formerly Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco; currently she is Chief Medical Officer for the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals. She is also Chief Medical Officer and Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Eleanor Slater Hospital in Cranston, Rhode Island.

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For too long the treatment needs of the seriously mentally ill have been ignored by SAMSHA, and this needs to change, says this psychiatrist.

Substance use disorder (SUD) plays a prominent role in the epidemiology, cause, and course of mental illness. Of the more than 5 million Americans with comorbid mental illness and SUD, fewer than half received treatment at either a specialty mental health or substance abuse treatment facility.

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