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Harvey Roy Greenberg, MD

Harvey Roy Greenberg, MD

Dr Greenberg continues to publish frequently on film, media, and popular culture. For many years, his cinema column appeared in Psychiatric Times. He has appeared frequently on national and international network and cable television programs including Good Morning America, Today, CBS Evening and Sunday news, PBS, CNN, Showtime and BBC-TV. Please address communications to Dr Greenberg at HRGSMES@AOL.COM.

Posts by Author

Overbooking airline seats and bumping travelers is legal but the practice backfired on a recent United flight. Is civility dead?


Westworld—the HBO pitiless purgatory where everything goes worng!

“Election addiction disorder, undifferentiated, DSM-5A—177.6x” is characterized by an overwhelming need to watch anything and everything related to the current race for the White House, no matter how microscopic. Clinical details and prognosis are examined here.

Game of Thrones is the first of 5 novels comprising A Tale of Ice and Fire, by George M.M. Martin. The series has captivated millions of fans worldwide. I’ve unexpectedly joined them.


Depend on it: like managed care, e-prescribing will come to your neighborhood sooner or later-- and will truly constitute the law of the land. Here's guidance for the perplexed.


After serving 18 years for sexual assault and attempted murder, new DNA procedures led to Steven Avery's exoneration. Surely, he must be guilty of something.

A review of a compelling documentary on the spectacular rise and catastrophic fall of British singer Amy Winehouse, a star with an old voice in a young body.

American Sniper

Neither facile liberal censure nor rabid applause from the right speak to Eastwood’s purposes in this superbly crafted picture.

The ISIS uniform is a particularly powerful weapon in its PR arsenal. . . an elegantly crafted blend of commando, ninja, and superhero. It is meant to inspire fear and trembling in its opponents, Arab or Western.


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