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Laurie Martin

Laurie Martin

Ms Martin is Digital Managing Editor of Psychiatric Times. She graduated with distinction from Yale University. Email her here.

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What do behavioral activation, video therapy, family constellation, ibogaine, and psychomagic have in common? These topics and more were chosen for this month's roundup.

John Hinckley's release after a 35-year stint in a psychiatric facility, legalized heroin, older patients facing depression alone. These stories and more in this month's roundup.

With the modern office environment comes another type of “climate change”—designed to shape workers psychologically.

What's new in psychiatry? Check out our editors' picks with stories ranging from "lithium 2.0," the ethics of diagnosing from afar, the election, and other hot topics.

The latest news in psychiatry includes President Obama's study on the Affordable Care Act, the new Director of NIMH, a discovery of nearly a hundred brain regions, and more.

Four clinical reports indicate that in the last 30 years, we have come a long way in the exploration and study of sex and sexual disorders.

In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, nearly half a million physicians declared war on gun violence. This story and more in our psychiatry roundup.

A recent study reported that burnout rates in one hospital were over 75%. This story and more in our psychiatry roundup.

When doctor and patient disagree about care at the end of life: one of six issues in the psychiatric news.

When agitation and psychosis symptoms are severe, is an antipsychotic medication an option? Not always.


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