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Laurie Martin

Laurie Martin

Ms Martin is Digital Managing Editor of Psychiatric Times. She graduated with distinction from Yale University. Email her here.

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Editors' choices of noteworthy psychiatry stories from around the Web: genetics of schizophrenia, Alzheimer disease, the perils of mixing prescription and over-the-counter medications, new guidelines for treating pain with opioids, and other topics.

A veritable explosion of tweets on opioid guidelines, the American student sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea, Brain Week, "Trump Anxiety," and other issues that were shared and reshared from and around Psychiatric Times' Twitterverse.

This month's editors' picks include controversial topics—euthanasia, "conversion therapy," genius and madness, and more.

Editors' picks, including the biggest story of the year thus far and others of interest to psychiatrists and the public.

A penguin? An igloo? A big snowflake? Weigh in on this Rorschach-type image, just for fun.

What are the pros and cons of integrative psychiatry? Integrative Medicine columnist for Psychiatric Times, James Lake, MD, addresses common myths in this Q&A.

Editors' picks this month include stories on ECT, schizophrenia, the Paris attacks, nutritional psychiatry (really), and the prescription opioid epidemic.

Editors' picks this month include stories on future directions in leadership, schizophrenia research, mental health in the workplace, and big changes around the corner.

What do you see in this image when you think about Halloween? Is it scary or cute? Read about the value of nonverbal communication and have some spooky fun.

In psychosis, the mind disposes of or deflects certain (real) information. Is that so different from a “nonpsychotic” mind?


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