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Lois W. Choi-kain, MD

Lois W. Choi-kain, MD

Dr Choi-Kain is Director of the Adult Borderline Center and Training Institute at the McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA; she is also Medical and Program Director.

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While treatment of bipolar disorder challenging , the notion that it is treatment resistant is contradicted by longitudinal and treatment research that indicates high rates of remission over time, moderate rates of recovery, and significant response to structured treatments tailored to symptoms.

What are the benefits of traditional psychoanalytic concepts and new discoveries of mentalization-based treatment?

MBT presents a compromise to bridge the valuable history of psychoanalytic ideas to both modern psychiatric research as well as present public health needs and practice.

Patients with borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder (or both) can feel entitled to special treatment and often seek only approving forms of attention from those who treat them.

Historically, borderline patients were considered “help-rejecting complainers.” Clinicians should actively treat both mood/anxiety symptoms and BPD symptoms.

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