Susan Kweskin

Susan Kweskin

Susan Kweskin is Group Editorial Director of Psychiatric Times and She is also Editorial Director of, a site dedicated to primary care physicians. Email here.


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The number of measles cases has hit an all time high since it was declared to be eliminated in the US back in 2000. Here's why.

A new study bolsters evidence that bilingualism contributes to cognitive reserve, postpones symptoms of dementia, and delays diagnosis of Alzheimer disease.

Psychiatric Times welcomes Drs Allan Tasman and Michelle Riba as our new Editor and Deputy Editors in Chief.

Out of the blizzard of recently published clinical studies on multiple sclerosis, we've randomly selected 2 with useful information you might not want to -- but easily could -- miss. Here: brief synopses and links.


An unusual cause of postpartum neurologic deficits: MRIs of progressing relapsing-remitting MS; Lhermitte-Duclos disease as a cause of ataxia: here. . . 5 short clinical cases, each with images, that offer take-home messages you can use in your practice.

PsychiatricTimes welcomes two new Editorial Board members, congratulates editor-in-chief, James Knoll, and introduces a reader advisory panel.

What do physicians think about medical cannabis? Here: 271 doctors weigh in, with widely varying opinions.

If our survey on medical cannabis is any indication, psychiatrists are widely—and deeply—divided on whether and how marijuana should be used in clinical practice. You can read the results here.

Despite the considerable toll clinical practice is taking on primary care physicians, most don't seem to be hanging up their stethoscopes . . . at least not yet.


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