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Susan Kweskin

Susan Kweskin

Susan Kweskin is Group Editorial Director of Psychiatric Times and www.PsychiatricTimes.com. She is also Editorial Director of www.Consultantlive.com, a site dedicated to primary care physicians. Email here.


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What’s the prudent way to react if a layperson is suddenly tapped to help get psychiatric care for somebody who says he desperately and immediately needs it—or else?

We found 6 stories we think you'll want to know about. . .

Now . . . the follow-up to the sequel you've all been waiting for! We proudly present half a dozen unadulterated pearls of clinical wisdom--fully illustrated--culled from articles submitted by physicians to this web site over the years.

And now . . . the sequel to “The 10 Worst Medical Sentences Ever Written” that you’ve been waiting for!

A new study shows that rates of severe mental illness in youths have dropped substantially since 1996. What might study results portend for psychiatric practice?

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Here: 10 “sentences”—dissected from articles submitted by physicians to this Web site over the years and presented in unadulterated (and unedited) form—that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did.


Rates of severe mental illness in children and adolescents have dropped 16% since 1996, according to a new study. The lead author explains possible reasons for this surprising finding and concludes: "We're moving in the right direction!"

It is truly an honor—and a pleasure—to welcome 5 psychiatrists to the Editorial Board of Psychiatric Times.

A look around the web at breaking news -- not all of it medical.

Was the business of the heart always so heartless?


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