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Child Adolescent Psychiatry

What Happens to Depressed Adolescents?

A look into longer-term clinical and psychosocial outcomes of depressive disorder in early adulthood. Details here.

Child Adolescent Psychiatry

Currently, 1 in 15 youths undergoing psychiatric evaluation in the emergency department is restrained. This article covers diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that can reduce fear and put the young patient on a path to recovery.

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About 25% of children in the US live with only one parent; the fallout from contentious divorces often leaves them susceptible to any number of damaging scenarios.

Deficits in emotion recognition among at-risk patients may predict eventual transition to schizophrenia.

A recent study has found that induction of slow waves during early non-rapid eye movement sleep may improve executive function in children with ADHD.

Here: practical tips on how to proceed with the treatment recommendation process with families who prefer therapy alone.

Research suggests predictors of adolescent ADHD and conduct disorder can be identified—and intercepted—in young children.

What are the benefits of exploring cultural issues with a young patient and family before proceeding with treatment?


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