Cultural Psychiatry

Cultural Psychiatry

As a psychiatrist, I have spent years training to help others deal with loss and suffering. When it is your own loss, however, you realize that you are sometimes powerless to shield yourself from your pain.

A limited sampling presented here lends no support to Dr Thomas Szasz’s claim that 19th century physicians regarded the term “mental disease” as merely a figure of speech; on the contrary, several prominent physicians of this era recognized such conditions as both real and debilitating.

Media coverage of murderous rampages comprises a grisly—and vastly profitable—reality show. I’ll call it a Slaughterfest. Why do therapists continue to take part in this offensive entertainment?

Psychiatrists experience the impact of managed care perhaps most acutely during the utilization review process, which has become a standard tool for the review of treatment modalities and levels of service in the managed care environment.

What's your first impression of this Rorschach-type image? Is there a place for Rorschach measures in assessing psychotic functioning?

The topics in this Special Report provide a broad picture of the issues psychiatrists face as they take a clear-eyed look at the opportunities and challenges in the emerging health care system.

Vice President of the United States Joe Biden spoke at this year's American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in New York. Here, a video clip from his speech.


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