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Film And Book Reviews

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Artistic works such as poetry, film and book reviews, and art by psychiatrists.

Film And Book Reviews

Almost everyone can benefit from psychotherapy at some point in their lives.

A searching interrogation of scientific findings reflected against experience with patients.

BOOK REVIEW Voices of Hope for Mental Illness: Not Against, Withby Jackie Goldstein; Charlston, SC: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015
233 pages • $14.99 (softcover)

Bravely enter territory that academia has largely neglected—the nebulous region between full bipolar disorder and major depression.

"Everyday experiences made sacramental through magical language, depth of feeling, and wells of knowledge"–one of your peers used this description for a book he found inspiring. Can you think of more?

Game of Thrones is the first of 5 novels comprising A Tale of Ice and Fire, by George M.M. Martin. The series has captivated millions of fans worldwide. I’ve unexpectedly joined them.

Unrelenting belief in the goodness of humankind while confronting an uncommon disease.


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