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Forensic Psychiatry

Clinical information for mental health professionals on forensic psychiatry, suicide risk assessment, imprisonment of the mentally ill, and more.
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After lounging on the doorstep of respectability for the past decade, assisted outpatient treatment is here to stay. But some still balk at the notion.

Strong evidence supports sound arguments on each side of 3 debates covered here—so get in there and fight nice.

When clinicians work without ready access to a security team or environmental safety protocols, early recognition is crucial to preventing or avoiding those rare occasions when behavior problems escalate.

The authors examine legal and ethical challenges for the psychiatrist when a defendant who is incompetent to stand trial declines to take prescribed psychotropic medication.

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Here: common misconceptions about assisted outpatient treatment--and how this tool can help selected mentally ill patients who are most difficult to treat.

The points summarized in this pocket guide—drawn from actual cases—recur repeatedly as problems for practitioners.

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The authors review the association between depression and violence, and the role that anger and emotional dysregulation play.


There is no predictive tool that is likely to have validity for rare outcomes such as terrorist attacks. More here.


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