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Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative Psychiatry

Therapeutic techniques can enhance psychological resilience and may help patients improve their quality of life. Here's how.

An important alternative to pharmaceutical treatments may be at hand.

Top-down approaches, in which the mind of the therapist engages the mind of the patient, have dominated traditional psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

A man searches for the answers to what happened to him psychologically after a childhood of high achievement. But facts intersect with fiction in this documentary.

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Meditation training is a valuable, thoroughly secular tool for psychiatrists to incorporate into our patient practices—and our own personal self-care routines. Here: the basics.

What are the pros and cons of integrative psychiatry? Integrative Medicine columnist for Psychiatric Times, James Lake, MD, addresses common myths in this Q&A.

Most psychiatrists do not fit neatly into the biological or psychodynamic camps. Instead, like surgeons, they will implement tools that reduce the suffering and enhance the well-being of the patient.


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