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Creative Corner

Artistic works by psychiatrists, most notably the Poetry of the Times column by Dr Richard Berlin and creative endeavors by others.


Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

I’m happy to be off the trail, out of the wind and salt spray, safe from the fog’s cold claw...


Dead into a wall of wind, they cliff jump with parabolic wings curled over pilots cradled in goose down and canvas.

"Tell me about these melon-collie feelings."

I’m glad we’re studying this one, a lusty, almost immortal guy living in his dark tunnels of love.

Evdokimov Maxim/Shutterstock

He didn’t notice snow falling in the Krankenhaus courtyard the night he fell in love. A mere intern, castrated by Jew-hating med school professors...

I drive west along the black granite bed of Cold River as it sweeps down the mountain. My best friend drives the same road east, the lies his wife told the judge trailing us...


Laennec was running late when he saw children send sounds through a wooden beam...


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