Creative Corner

Artistic works by psychiatrists, most notably the Poetry of the Times column by Dr Richard Berlin and creative endeavors by others.


Dawn is at five, but I sleep past nine, not caring if I miss a few warblers flying home for summer...

A bit of conference levity as we cover serious issues.


Keeping the season in mind, what is your first impression of this ink blot and why?

Laziness or disease? You decide.

That’s how he’d like to go, he tells me, not by this slow seeding of liver and spine, not with all the tears and long good-byes.

The Big Bad Wolf and Wicked Witch liked to creak the stairs by her bedroom door and wake her from dreams calling, “Daddy!”

Richard Berlin, MD

On the cracked macadam court in the shadow of The Castle on the Hill, below fake gun turrets built with bricks...


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