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Creative Corner

Artistic works by psychiatrists, most notably the Poetry of the Times column by Dr Richard Berlin and creative endeavors by others.


Bilha Golan/Shutterstock

Half price T-shirts and ice cream cones, no more tomatoes or New York Times, people out patching the roof, putting up storms, the last guests gone tomorrow.

Is the hippo [campus] an endangered species?

Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

I’m happy to be off the trail, out of the wind and salt spray, safe from the fog’s cold claw...


Dead into a wall of wind, they cliff jump with parabolic wings curled over pilots cradled in goose down and canvas.

"Tell me about these melon-collie feelings."

I’m glad we’re studying this one, a lusty, almost immortal guy living in his dark tunnels of love.

Evdokimov Maxim/Shutterstock

He didn’t notice snow falling in the Krankenhaus courtyard the night he fell in love. A mere intern, castrated by Jew-hating med school professors...


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