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Creative Corner

Artistic works by psychiatrists, most notably the Poetry of the Times column by Dr Richard Berlin and creative endeavors by others.


Looking out at a flat gray sea, I try to imagine the chasms in the ocean’s floor where lava laced with strontium pours...

A poem written by a psychiatrist: "A faith in human kindness lost, abandonment with lasting cost."

What do you see in this image when you think about Halloween? Is it scary or cute? Read about the value of nonverbal communication and have some spooky fun.

I want my patients to believe I consider Peabody’s advice before I see them, that I recognize our shared humanity...

He smoked trabucos, mild miniatures produced by the Austrian monopoly, but preferred Don Pedros and Reina Cubanos...

The lab results came back and here's what the doctor found.


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