Title of sculpture: Red Bull (2013), by Grant D. Miller, MD

In the process of both psychotherapy and sculpture, this psychiatrist discovered there is potential for an exciting and rewarding life. Here, a representative piece from his collection.

When a full-time writer's husband was diagnosed with cancer, she found writing poetry helped her cope. She guessed that others would, like her, find their experiences with cancer best expressed through poetry. So began The Cancer Poetry Project.

Why do so many die as a consequence of addiction? Sadly—and in some cases disastrously—affected individuals are never offered alternative approaches after one option fails. More in this commentary.

Notwithstanding sparse treatment data, recent efforts are beginning to provide clinicians with some clear treatment guidelines for medically unstable adolescents with anorexia nervosa.

What is your first impression of this Rorschach image? Take the quiz on psychotherapeutic processes, free association, and love and romance.

Child-parent psychotherapy has been shown to be an effective treatment in helping caregivers and their children when they have experienced significant life trauma, often domestic violence. More in this podcast.


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