What are some clues that help distinguish delirium from dementia?

A test on post-stroke apathy versus post-stroke depression.

What is the potential role of rTMS in treating neuropsychiatric symptoms of neurological disease?

Lithium, neuroimaging, and medical comorbidities in bipolar disorder: here's a 3 question mini-quiz from the very recent literature.

The WHO Disability Assessment Schedule, Version 2 is included in Section III of DSM-5. What is the WHODAS 2.0 used to assess?

The human condition is such that all of us may be vulnerable to seasonal affective disorder. If placed in an environment sufficiently deprived of light we would all develop a reversible syndrome of major depression.

Contemporary experiences in the therapist’s life that mirror what is going on in the patient’s life may also trigger intense countertransference feelings. Read the case and weigh in on the image.


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