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Metabolic Disorders

Metabolic Disorders


Do cholinesterase inhibitors lead to weight loss in older adults with dementia? Here's a wrap up of a large study of patients in a real-world setting who had newly started these medications.

Chronic health problems like diabetes only get worse with depression. New research shows the time is now to address both concerns.

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As the intricate relationship between impaired glycemic control and bipolar disorder begins to unravel, possible directions for treatment options for the mood disorder continue to expand.

Metabolic disorders in patients with diabetes place them at particularly high risk for CV morbidity. Find insights on Dx and Tx in these slides.

A new study found that in obese college students with significant visceral fat, specific brain regions became insulin-resistant.

What is the rationale for metabolic monitoring in serious mental illness? Take the quiz and learn more.

Metabolic syndrome may be a particularly important marker of antipsychotic metabolic effects.


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