A Dialogue on Psychosis and Trauma

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Joining together to discuss psychosis, 3 British experts discuss various ways to respond to and help people who have experienced both trauma and psychosis.

Back in July, John Read, PhD, Tony Morrison, DClinPsy, and Rachel Waddingham, wrote the article Traumas, Adversities, and Psychosis: Investigating Practical Implications. In this video, they expand on and discuss the topics of trauma and psychosis.

Dr Read is a psychologist and mental health researcher from England. He is professor of clinical psychology in the University of East London's School of Psychology. Tony Morrison is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester and is also Associate Director for Clinical Research at Greater Manchester West Mental Health Foundation Trust. Rachel Waddingham is a freelance trainer and consultant, a writer, a practitioner, a researcher, speaker, PhD student at Nottingham Trent University, and Chair for the English Hearing Voices Network.