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Exploring Surprising Parallels Between The Sixth Sense and a Real Case

May 16th 2023

"My attitude toward The Sixth Sense shifted when I realized that I had been treating a patient whose death date was set before our appointments began..."

“Rachel Aviv speaks to the stories that help and stories that harm—the narratives that will fashion the identity we will have for a lifetime.”
Strangers to Ourselves: Unsettled Minds and the Stories That Make Us

February 6th 2023

“Hunter’s book is excellently written and highly recommended for readers who want to understand the enormous power of myth in the Australian identity.”
Reef Madness: Digging up the Dirt on an Australian Myth

December 2nd 2022

"This volume is a fascinating incursion into a field that everybody talks about, but few examine in depth."
"Christianity and Psychiatry" Examines Faith and Tradition vs Medical and Scientific Knowledge

November 22nd 2022

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