Film and Book Reviews

The Many Histories of Biological Psychiatry: Anne Harrington, DPhil

July 20, 2020

An interview with Dr Anne Harrington, who offers a stimulating and thought-provoking historical perspective on the evolution of biological psychiatry from the German histopathologists to the present time in her recent book.

Two Perspectives: Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry

June 01, 2020

Emergency Psychiatry: Principles and Practice has something for everyone and is easily applicable to emergency and primary care.

Anti-Semitism and Psychiatry: Recognition, Prevention, and Interventions

April 28, 2020

Conceived as a needed sequel of Islamophobia and Psychiatry, this volume reflects not only the intellectual cogency and scholarly vision of its Editors but also a solid presentation of multiple perspectives on a complex social phenomenon.

The Great Pretender: The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness

March 09, 2020

Pseudopatients and their discontents: an historical perspective.

50 Shades of Misdiagnosis

February 18, 2020

"The idea of seeing a patient, not just a diagnostic label, is an extremely valuable lesson. Being primed to see certain behaviors as pathological in certain contexts and perfectly normal in others is something that all doctors should be aware of." -Susannah Cahalan

The Legacy of Political Persecution

February 11, 2020

As historians and mental health professionals both know, in the words of the writer William Faulkner, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

Reading Linehan in the Age of Critical Psychiatry

February 11, 2020

To read Linehan’s memoir is to realize that she underwent a crucifixion and resurrection of her own, and that the Pontius Pilate in her story is psychiatry itself.

Social Constructionism Meets Aging and Dementia

January 27, 2020

A Conversation in Critical Psychiatry with Peter J. Whitehouse, MD, PhD.

Herbal Treatment of Major Depression: Scientific Basis and Practical Use

January 20, 2020

Many patients can benefit from herbs with gentler action, fewer adverse effects, and some health benefits beyond their antidepressant effects.

The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control

January 09, 2020

It is a new year, an election year, with impeachment looming and the Iranian conflict-funnily enough, this book is not about the President of the United States. It's all about cults.