Psychiatry and the Media: The Radio as a Psychoeducation Tool for the Public


Psyched! podcast hosts interview Carol A. Bernstein, MD, who makes the case for psychiatrists using their voice to help psychiatric patients and families.

Carol A. Bernstein, MD



In this episode we interview Carol A. Bernstein, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Vice Chair for Education in the Department of Psychiatry, and Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education at Langone Medical Center in New York.

Dr Bernstein details becoming involved in the interface with psychiatry and the media, particularly through her experience with Doctor Radio through Sirius FM. She describes the history of her involvement, what it is like to take radio callers and to think on your feet, and the benefits of using her voice to help psychiatric patients and families.

She answers questions about whether psychiatrists should only speak about what they are “expert in” and whether or not psychiatrists should even interact with and speak to the media at all. Also discussed is the importance of being a voice of knowledge and reason when others who might not know as much or are exploitative could be the voices the public would hear instead.

Among other things, Dr Bernstein talks about physician wellness, the Goldwater Rule, and the conversation around suicide as important but challenging issues in interactions with the media and psychiatry. She makes the case for being a voice and collaborating with the media, even on controversial issues.


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