Tardive Dyskinesia

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Rakesh Jain
Why Clinicians Should Be Excited About Austedo XR

June 3rd 2024

Rakesh Jain, MD, shares more about the recent approval of Austedo XR for the treatment of tardive dyskinesia and Huntington disease chorea control.

tardive dyskinesia
Austedo XR Approved: A New Treatment Option for Tardive Dyskinesia and Huntington Disease

May 30th 2024

tardive dyskinesia
Managing Tardive Dyskinesia: New Data from Phase 3 Study of Ingrezza

May 22nd 2024

Here are highlights from the third day of this year’s APA Annual Meeting.
The 2024 APA Annual Meeting: Monday, May 6

May 7th 2024

New research on tardive dyskinesia has also been featured at the 2024 APA Annual Meeting.
Neurocrine Biosciences Announces Collaboration With Participants of Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week

May 6th 2024

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