Author | John J. Miller, MD


A Whole New Territory: Staying Connected in Real Time

May 19, 2020


Isolation does not mean disconnection. Our souls and spirits need to feel part of the bigger family that we are. More in this video.

COVID-19: The Long, Slow Recovery

May 07, 2020


Many serious challenges will face us once the curve has been flattened, and we work as a nation toward recovery in the war against COVID-19.

Drug Receptor Profiles Matter

April 13, 2020


All current FDA-approved medications for the treatment of schizophrenia antagonize dopamine type 2 receptors-but that is where their similarity ends.

Facing This Major Upheaval Together

March 24, 2020


How will the coronavirus pandemic impact psychiatry as a field? Are there any neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus? Those questions answered in this video.

Preparing and Helping Patients Deal With Self-Isolation

March 20, 2020


What do we tell patients regarding the pandemic both in terms of office policies and preparations for self-isolation and quarantine as well as dealing with uncertainty?

Reframing Our Relationship With Pharma

March 19, 2020


It can be disheartening to hear about the pervasive culture at many medical centers and health care systems to ostracize the pharmaceutical industry, and not uncommonly, to threaten to fire employed physicians and clinicians who would like to attend educational programs about new medications on their own free time.

Patient Care in the Age of COVID

March 18, 2020


As we navigate uncharted waters on the pandemic front, John J. Miller, MD, shares his thought about this important topic and what he is doing differently both professionally and personally.

L-Methylfolate: Augmenting Agent May Contribute to Agitation and Mania

March 17, 2020


Experts discuss the rationale and history of L-methylfolate use in patients, and then shares three cases that collectively suggest L-methylfolate may contribute to agitation and mania.

Screening and Diagnostic Approaches for Bipolar Disorder

March 06, 2020


When we meet a new patient who presents with "classic" symptoms, there are challenges described in this brief video.

A Lifetime of Learning

February 19, 2020


Editor in Chief John Miller, MD, shares his insights on the upcoming Psychiatric Times World CME Conference in October.