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Latest News

Facilitating Conflict Resolution

June 25th 2024

Check out these recommendations for facilitating conflict resolution.

How does climate change affect mental health in individuals and communities?
The Complexity of Climate Change as a Determinant of Mental Health

June 25th 2024

A Psychiatrist’s Journey in Social Media Advocacy and Clinical Research
A Psychiatrist’s Journey in Social Media Advocacy and Clinical Research

June 25th 2024

Experts present the results of a retrospective analysis of patients who received IV ketamine for TRD over a timeframe of up to 2 years.
The Effects of Multidose Ketamine Treatment on Cognitive Performance Over Time in Patients With TRD

June 25th 2024

Continuing Medical Education: Earn Credits With Psychiatric Times
Conference Coverage: Dive deep into intricate aspects of psychiatry with these articles.
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Psychiatric Times, Tales From the Clinic: The Art of Psychiatry, Series Editor: Nidal Moukaddam, MD, PhD
June's Theme: Anxiety & Stress Disorders
Print Publication: peer-reviewed and practice-oriented. A monthly journal by and for mental health clinicians.

Special Reports

Disabilities: The Next Chapter in DEI

June 24th 2024

Additionally, 27% of US adults have reported they have a disability across a spectrum of areas.

Investigating the Link Between Semaglutide and Suicidal Ideation

June 21st 2024

A Brief Cannabis Cessation Protocol to Increase Patient Motivation

June 20th 2024

How to Safely and Effectively Taper Benzodiazepines

June 19th 2024

New Baseline Data on Iclepertin for Schizophrenia

June 18th 2024

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