A New Drug for Schizophrenia-Related Cognitive Impairments?

December 2nd 2020

Listen to discussion on results from a recent Phase 1b clinical trial.

The Basics of Mental Health

December 1st 2020

Brains need continuous and consistent care.

Measuring the Effects of Racism: Guidelines for the Assessment and Treatment of Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury

December 1st 2020

This book provides key tools to help combat racism in the mental health profession.

Mental Health Tips for Living with Parkinson Disease

December 1st 2020

The largest unmet hurdle in dealing with Parkinson disease is the treatment of depression.

How 4 Hours Can Make a Big Difference: A Successful High School During the Pandemic

December 1st 2020

An insider’s look at how balancing COVID-19 safety protocols and affording teens a safe space to interact and bond has made this challenging year less daunting.

10 Things To Consider When Cross Titrating Drugs

November 30, 2020

Over the years, Psychiatric Times’ editor in chief has developed “Miller’s Formula,” his 10-step system to ensure a successful cross-titration for his patients. The strategies are straight-forward and can be used for any drug and in any specialty.