What Will the Future of Alzheimer Disease Treatment Look Like?

July 23, 2021

Although the new drug aducanumab has grabbed all the headlines, the future of Alzheimer treatment may be just as much about public health campaigns as it is about psychopharmacology. In this episode of Psych Pearls, we find out why.

New Approaches and Considerations to Cancer and Suicide

June 10, 2021

Although estimates vary, patients with cancer are at least twice as likely to die by suicide than people who do not have cancer. By identifying those at greatest risk, these treatment modalities can help support patients.

Exploring the Epigenetic Paradigm Shift

June 08, 2021

Early-life stress can modify an individual's genetic code, leading to mental health problems later in life. But by understanding the science of epigenetics, psychiatrists can treat these conditions, and prevent intergenerational trauma.

Helping LGBTQ Youth During the Pandemic

May 13, 2021

Overwhelmed and encumbered agencies are increasingly unable to provide critical services for LGBTQ youth, leaving them powerless in impeding a downward spiral into homelessness and associated negative ramifications. There are 5 ways psychiatrists can help.