Mind-Body Therapies for the Management of Pain: How Effective Are They?

June 30, 2020

For the millions of patients whose pain is being treated with opioids, mind-body interventions are proving to be important considerations to ease suffering.

Pain and Dementia

May 13, 2020

How do you determine whether pain is present and its severity as well as how it responds to treatment in patients who are cognitively impaired? Some answers to these questions.

Identifying and Managing Pain in Cognitively Impaired Patients

May 13, 2020

How can clinicians determine the presence of pain in cognitively impaired patients? And how do you know the medication is working if your patient can’t tell you?

Never a Dull Moment in the Life of a Psychiatrist

January 13, 2020

The mixed bag of emotions described here should be familiar to any clinician, especially to a psychiatrist.

When Medications Affect More Than the Patient: Opioids and Family Members

December 30, 2019

Three studies highlight how important it is that when physicians prescribe opioids there can be significant and even potentially fatal consequences for the family members of those for whom they are being prescribed.

Introduction: The “Lumpers” and the “Splitters”

November 29, 2019

In this Special Report we offer articles that address the interplay of psychiatric and infectious disease.

Psychiatric Disorders: Are Infectious Agents to Blame?

November 29, 2019

Ongoing research has identified multiple infectious diseases that may play a role in the development of neuropsychiatric disorders, particularly in people predisposed to genetic and environmental factors.

The Opioid Epidemic Settlements: Who Will Benefit?

October 10, 2019

Judgements and settlements are starting in Oklahoma against various pharmaceutical companies for their alleged roles in that state’s opioid crisis. Who would be the beneficiaries of these funds?

Psychiatric Disorders and Pain

September 17, 2019

The association between psychiatric disorders, most notably depression and anxiety, and pain is well established. However, mental health professionals, and especially psychiatrists, are still often excluded from treating patients with pain.