Lowering Prolactin Levels in Patients With Psychosis

July 10, 2020

Treatment strategies for antipsychotic-induced hyperprolactinemia.

Genital Self-Mutilation: A Cutting Conundrum

July 07, 2020

This form of nonsuicidal self-injury occurs within a spectrum of severity, and it is very likely that cases are both underreported and unpublished.

Meeting Patients Where They Are: A Public Health Imperative

June 30, 2020

Despite the vast research conducted to better understand biological mechanisms underlying psychosis, people with psychotic disorders continue to suffer.

Prescribing Hope for Recovery

June 30, 2020

Those of us who have a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder are, above all, human beings. We are more than the disorder.

Stage-Specific Treatment of Psychotic Disorders

June 30, 2020

Psychotic disorders are potentially serious and enduring and have been seriously neglected in health systems worldwide. The good news is that better medium-term outcomes are now achievable.

Understanding the Relationship Between Cannabidiol and Psychosis: Clinical Issues

June 17, 2020

Drs Zuardi and Crippa discuss the current stage of scientific evidence that supports the use of cannabidiol in schizophrenia, anxiety, and Parkinson disease. 

11 Innovations in Psychiatry Resulting From the Pandemic

June 11, 2020

As we move forward from COVID-19, we take a look at noteworthy achievements that took place at lightning speed to inform response measures in future pandemics.

Rediscovering Disordered Selfhood in Schizophrenia

June 08, 2020

Familiarity with self-disorders is an indispensable tool in diagnosing a patient suspected for developing schizophrenia. Such knowledge improves communication with the patient and may serve as a starting point for therapeutic intervention.

The Need for Speed

June 04, 2020

Psychomotor speed may be a relevant target in studies of the immune system and its impact on the brain in patients with schizophrenia.

Getting the Dose Just Right

June 04, 2020

There is inadequate information regarding optimal antipsychotic doses in the treatment of acute schizophrenia that balance efficacy and safety. This article helps you get it right.