A 5-Question Quiz on ADHD

July 01, 2020

Do you know the indications for an EEG in a child with ADHD? Or which psychotherapy approaches for ADHD demonstrate evidence-based effectiveness? Answer these questions and more.

The Video Game Will See You Now

June 22, 2020

FDA approves video game as treatment for ADHD.

Adherence Challenges With Medications in Patients With ADHD

April 02, 2020

Despite proven efficacy of ADHD treatments, adherence remains a challenge.

The Coercive Cycle: A School to Prison Pipeline?

March 25, 2020

The authors discuss abusive disciplinary practices that continue to this day despite considerable evidence to the contrary and share thoughts and implications for psychiatrists.

Pharmaceutical Company Makes the FDA’s Naughty List

March 06, 2020

After receiving complaints, the FDA’s Office of Prescription Drug Promotion rebukes the pharmaceutical company for misleading advertising.

Research Sheds Light on Two Types of Treatment for ADHD

July 25, 2019

New research highlights the potential benefits and detriments of treatment strategies for ADHD, including both pharmacological and nonpharmacological options.

Trouble in Paradise: Carbon-Fuel Air Pollution Linked to Disorders Across the Lifespan

February 22, 2019

We cannot protect our patients without protecting our planet. This means a personal and professional commitment to green our activities by considering the carbon effects of how we do our work.

7 Evidence-Based Insights About ADHD

February 21, 2019

This collection summarizes ADHD as it relates to bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorders; culturally competent care for the African-American population; issues with sleep disorders; and more.

Mini Quiz: Measuring Sleep Quality in Patients With ADHD

November 02, 2018

Which tool is useful to measure night-to-night variability, sleep onset latency, and sleep duration in those with ADHD?

ADHD: A 24-Hour Disorder

October 30, 2018

Sleep difficulties and sleep disorders are the most common comorbidities reported in individuals with ADHD. Careful assessment will lead to helpful interventions.